Andy's Pizza Delivery Service is available from 10:00 - 22:30​ o'clock, on a daily basis during working days and official holidays of the Republic of Moldova (excluding 31 December, 1 January and the Easter Holidays).

Daytime (10:00 - 22:30​)

Daytime delivery from 10:00 to 22:30.

The cost of delivery at night is 50 lei.

Cost of daytime delivery - 40 MDL.

Free delivery is carried out for order of at least 350 MDL within Balti city.

Duration of delivery

Estimated duration of delivery ≈ 60 min.

Duration of delivery may vary depending on order value, as well as weather and road conditions.

Ordering by phone

To order by phone, please, contact the call-center operator at +373(231)20-210.

You can place an order for delivery or a pre-order at any of our locations (with you or on-site).

On-line ordering through www.andys.md

When ordering on-line through the web-site, the call-center operator will call you within 7 minutes after ordering to confirm the order.


Indicate your correct contact phone number so as our operator can confirm your order.

If you are not called back, please, contact us at the phone number +373(231)20-210.

Order that was not confirmed will be cancelled.


When ordering, payment is possible in the following ways:

Receipt of order

Upon receipt of order, make sure to obtain a fiscal receipt and a slip-check (provided that you paid by credit card).

Request additional documents in advance from the call-center operator.

Upon receipt of order check the number and range of order according to the check.

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