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Company «Trabo-Plus» SRL invites you to join us and become our corporate client.

The organization of the corporate catering is one of the key points in any company’s activity. Insufficient and irregular meals may affect the efficiency of the staff. The best option of providing meals during the day is to offer lunch delivery to the office. In this way, besides providing good working conditions to your employees, it shows that the company cares more about the staff. Good meals during the working day raise the employees’ motivation to work and improve the overall reputation of the company.

We offer you:

Another way of payment available – personalized cards for your employees (Corporate Clients Cards). The specified amount of money is transferred into the card’s holder account. The card is issued for free and the transferred sum is distributed according to the Company’s request. The card "Corporate clients" allows you to set limits. For example, a limit of up to 40 lei per day. If the order is above the established limit the employee will have to pay the difference in cash.

You get:

It's easy to be our client

Currently, we work with a lot of companies, which we appreciate and respect very much. We have a big experience in providing the best meals for corporate clients. Our company has got impeccable reputation among customers, taking care of prompt delivery of lunches to the office and a offering diversified menus. The "Corporate clients" service is available in Chisinau and Balti.

On weekdays, from Monday till Friday. Cost of lunch is 75 lei. Cost of delivered lunch is 80 lei.

We have a special department focused on quality control that regularly interviews the clients. We always take into consideration your wishes, we care about the quality of our products and the diversity of the menu. 

Company's employees or corporate clients

Call us and our staff will help you with any questions.

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