Gift Card



I.   Provider

The provider and issuer of the CARD-GIFT is TRABO-PLUS SRL (Company), with headquarters, 32 A. Pușkin str., Chisinau city, Republic of Moldova, c/f 1003600033974, legally represented by Mr. Gajiu Alexei, General Director.


 1. The GIFT CARD is sold in "Andy's" restaurants and is accepted as a payment method only when purchasing goods in any ANDY'S location, exclusively in Chisinau and Balti municipalities. The addresses of the restaurants in the municipality of Chisinau and the municipality of Balti are indicated on the website

 2. The payment for the GIFT CARD can be done with cash, using a credit card, via bank transfer, or with online payment.

 3. GIFT CARDS can be purchased within stock availability, in Andy’s restaurants by any legal entity or any person over 18 years old.

 4. GIFT CARDS are available with nominal values ​​of 500 LEI and 700 LEI. For other amounts, different value combinations cards can be purchased.


 1. The GIFT CARD is considered a method of payment, and its value corresponds to a similar amount of money, expressed in LEI.

 2. The GIFT CARD can’t be used for a withdrawal of its value in cash.

 3. If the value of the order exceeds the amount available on the GIFT CARD, the difference must be paid in cash or by credit card.

 4. If the value of the order is lower than the amount available on the GIFT CARD, the exchange cannot be returned.

 5. If a person has several GIFT CARDS, they can be used as all together for a single transaction payment.

 6. The GIFT CARD cannot be used as payment for online orders on the

 7. Once the GIFT CARD is used by the holder as a payment, the GIFT CARD remains at ANDY'S, as proof of payment.

 8. The valid period of the GIFT CARD is 1 (one) year from the moment of its purchase. The GIFT CARD is no longer valid and cannot be used after the expiry date.


 1. Any disputes arising between the provider and the buyers/users/holders of GIFT CARDS will be resolved amicably or, If the amicable settlement of disputes is not possible, the parties will address in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova in the appropriate courts, from the headquarters of the provider/issuer of the Gift Card.

2. Through this Regulation, the Company undertakes to comply with the provisions of Law no. 133 of 07.08.2011 regarding the protection of personal data.

 2. The card is transferable, and can be used by any other person than the one who purchased it.

 3. The company assumes no responsibility and will not replace the GIFT CARD in case of theft, loss or damage. In these situations, the balance of the GIFT CARD is considered lost, and no compensation is provided.

 4. The GIFT CARD has a special level of protection, and if the provider/issuer has doubts about its authenticity, it reserves the right to withdraw it, without providing the goods in exchange for the card.

 5. The program runs for an indefinite period. The company reserves the right to modify or add provisions to this program unilaterally, as well as to decide to end or modify this Program at any time, through an informative note posted on 7 calendar days before.