Summer promotion!

Since 17th of July, Andy's launches a special summer offer: two new dishes with eggplants, two new cocktails and two new desserts with seasonal berries. Try the delicious and healthy eggplant salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes and the famous Italian mozzarella cheese. Or a second dish of fragrant eggplant, which is baked in the oven, with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese to a ruddy crust of parmesan cheese. It is served with bolognese sauce, and tomato sauce, all sprinkled with Italian spices.

A refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day, what could be better ?! We added two new drinks to our menu: Prosecco Summer - a delicate cocktail based on sparkling wine Cricova Crisecco and Aperol, with the addition of: lime, orange, strawberry, blueberry, mint; and Gingerada - spicy cocktail with ginger, freshly squeezed orange juice, mint and orange slices. Andy's is the best place to recharge!

And for dessert you should order a delicate cheesecake or chocolate cake with seasonal berries.
We are waiting for you!