Author's coffee by Andy's

We stopped at an average roast - it is great for espresso and allows you to save the natural taste characteristics of the grains. To get a rich creamy foam with nutty shades, they added a little Robusta. It is like making music when a charming melody is born from a set of notes and sounds. We like the result and we are very happy to share with you our love for coffee.

We have long wanted to arrange the preparation of coffee so as to control the quality at all stages: from roasting to the moment when a cup of delicious drink is on the table of our guest. And now we can proudly say that the goal has been achieved. The coffee that you order at Andy’s is lovingly chosen, roasted and cooked.

It was a long, difficult, but very interesting way. We knew that we wanted to find the perfect coffee bouquet ourselves, as the experts call the combination of aroma, taste and aftertaste of the drink. First, we chose several varieties of green coffee and made some test roasting. Looking for a balance in which a moderate bitterness with chocolate notes would be combined with a light citrus sourness. The task was not for one day, but we coped with it!