This document describes the Terms and Conditions of www.andys.md web site use and, as well, the terms and conditions of purchase of the products and services sold via our web site. The confidentiality policy, return policy or any other documents making a part hereof shall be called hereinafter the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’.

www.andys.md web site may be accessed and used only subject to the full consent and strict abidance by the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Trabo Plus LLC shall reserve the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any moment at their discretion, without a need for a pre-notice to the web site users. The changes made shall come into effect starting the moment of publishing thereof on the web site and shall be applied only to the sale orders received after the date of publishing.

General Provisions

1. This web site belongs to and is administered by Trabo-Plus LLC, identification number 1003600033974, 32 Pushkin Street, Chisinau Municipality, MD-2012, Republic of Moldova.

A client ordering any products via e-shop shall agree with the Terms and Conditions of Goods Sales (hereinafter referred to as the Terms and Conditions), set forth herein.

2. These Terms and Conditions, as well as the information about Products, provided on the web site, shall be a public offer in accordance with article 681 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova and E-Commerce Act no.284. A Buyer, who has familiarised themselves with the text hereof, shall give their consent by ticking the box in the line ‘I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions of Use’.

3. Consumer Protection Act no.105 dated 13 March 2003 and any other regulatory instruments adopted on the basis thereof shall be applied to any and all the relations between the Client and the Provider.

4. The Provider shall reserve the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions, therefore, the Client shall undertake to track such changes on a regular basis.

Based hereon, the Client shall assign to the Provider to make and deliver the Products ordered. The Client shall also undertake to pay for product making and delivery services.

The Terms and Conditions of Use shall be as follows:

1. The Client making an order shall express an intention to receive Provider’s products and services and to pay for them.

2. The Client shall present their reliable data to the Provider.

3. The Provider shall reserve the right to check any and all information presented by the Client.

4. The User’s login details shall be governed by the provisions of laws on commercial secret and personal data protection of the Republic of Moldova.

5. The Provider shall undertake to close the access to personal data presented by the Client, for any third parties whomsoever.

6. The Provider shall undertake to deliver the Order or to give the Order to the Client if the latter picks it up all by themselves.

7. The Client shall undertake to pay for the Provider’s products and services.

8. The Client shall agree that any and all services are rendered ‘as they are’ and that the Provider does their best to fulfil the Order but cannot guarantee to the fullest extent, the quality of services that are not protected from defects or failures. Some circumstances, first of all, technical failures, may entail difficulties in Order fulfilment. The User shall agree that andys.md is not responsible for failures, wrong or late delivery, deletion or non-integrity of any of the User’s personal information, as well as for malfunction of any payment systems.

9. The Client can make an order all by themselves on the web site or by calling the Contact Centre by telephone number (022) 811-811 or +373 60777748.

10. When making an Order, the Client can pay for the +Services as follows:

- paying for the Order at the moment of receiving it thereof, in cash or by any other means provided by andys.md web site, right at the moment of Order receiving,

- online paying on the web site, via VISA/MasterCard bank card, BPay wallet, Edenred or other payment systems connected to andys.md web site. The writing-off amount includes the cost of products, services and delivery,

- Any and all payments amongst the Parties shall be carried on in the currency of the Republic of Moldova (i.e. in Moldovan Lei).

11. Should the Client refuse an Order as a result of breach of Products sale terms and conditions or due to nonconformity of Products quality and so on, the User will be bound to inform andys.md about their refusal via e-mail address info@andys.md, within two hours after the moment of Order delivery/receipt, subject to specification of reason, provision of other documental evidence justifying such a refusal, and presentation of documents attesting the payment for the relevant Order. The User may also claim either for replacement of the Products ordered (if possible) or for refund of the money paid. The refund shall be made using only the initial payment method.

12. The money shall be refunded within 7 (seven) days after the payment for the relevant Order was made on andys.md. The seven-day period is required for ‘confirmation to the payment system of the refund request’. *

* Remark: Monetary refunds to the Client’s account may take longer, depending on the payment system and Client’s account/wallet operator.

13. After 2 (two) hours expired, the Order shall be regarded as fulfilled and no money shall be refunded for such an Order, provided that andys.md receives no notices from the Client about Order refusal and money refund.

14. andys.md shall be entitled to refuse a User to place an Order with any way of payment (ether ‘in cash’, or via ‘online payment’ and so on), if previous User’s orders were not delivered through the latter’s fault (for instance, if the User did not open the door or did not answer the courier’s telephone call during the order delivery process; if the User specified a non-existent delivery address or refused an Order after it was made, and so on).

15. The Client shall confirm that they would not use the Services for any illegal or unlawful purposes and would not allow any third parties whomsoever, to do this. The Client shall guarantee their abidance by the laws of the Republic of Moldova when using the services.

16. The Client shall undertake to fulfil the Order Checkout procedure on the web site and to provide the true, accurate and complete information about themselves, by answering the questions put in the Order Checkout form, and to give their consent to the Terms and Conditions of Use, by confirming the clause ‘I do agree with the Terms and Conditions’.

17. Should the Client present untrustworthy information, andys.md will be entitled to suspend or to reject the Order.

18. The Client shall agree that any and all Orders made via the web site are authorised and subjected to payment.

19. By using the web site, the Client shall also confirm their consent to receive the information and advertising messages via contact details specified, in conformity with Advertising Act of the Republic of Moldova no.1227 dated June 1997.

20. When checking out an Order, the Client shall confirm that they have familiarized themselves with the Terms and Conditions of Use, do understand and agree with them, and do grant the Provider all the rights specified in the Terms and Conditions of use. The User shall also undertake to pay for their Order.